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Corporate Health Achievement Award
From the ACEOM, co-sponsored by GalaxoSmithKline
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Self Assessment

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What is the Self-Assessment?

This self-assessment will help you ensure that your organization is on the road to establishing a truly healthy, safe and productive environment for your employees. Completing the self-assessment worksheets will help you determine how your organization currently stacks up in terms of health and safety by reviewing your program components, outcome measures, trends, and dissemination.

What is its Purpose?

The pace and pressure of America’s workplace is at an all time high and employees face a host of new workplace issues. Whether the challenge is work-related mental or physical impairment, toxic waste management, or the emerging issue of emergency preparedness—we simply must pay renewed attention to the health, safety, and wellness needs of our employees if our economy and productivity are to continue growing and thriving. The Corporate Health Achievement Award (CHAA) fosters awareness of quality occupational and environmental health programs, identifies model programs and outstanding practices with measurable results, and encourages organizational self-assessment and continuous improvement. The CHAA is helping to improve the American workplace by recognizing and rewarding the nation’s best corporate health and safety practices - and helping others learn from these enlightened leaders.

Who Should Participate?

The self-assessment is useful for organizations in manufacturing, healthcare and other service sectors, as well as state and federal government. We encourage a team approach, with input from medical, industrial hygiene, safety, benefits, risk management, and other disciplines.

Why Participate?

Goals of the self-assessment are:

  • To help organizations identify their strengths, weaknesses & gaps
  • To encourage organizational self-assessment and continuous improvement
  • To foster understanding of standards of excellence for workplace health, wellness and safety utilizing the CHAA criteria
  • To understand the basis for the CHAA scoring and ease applying for Award

Additionally, the on-line self-assessment makes it easy to evaluate your organization’s occupational and environmental health and safety programs against the Corporate Health Achievement Award standards and to benchmark them with similar organizations.

How is it Organized?

The self-assessment consists of 22 categories in four major sections.

  • Leadership and Management
  • Healthy Workers
  • Healthy Environment
  • Healthy Organization

How Does It Work?

You can complete the program in any order. Select the section you would like to begin with and work through each of the categories listed. Upon completing a section, you will receive a score for that section. Once all 4 sections are completed , you will receive an overall Summary Score and be able to compare your scores to other organizations and Corporate Health Achievement Award winners.

How Long Will It Take to Complete?

Each of the four sections has 4-6 components. Each section can be completed in 30-40 minutes. The total self-assessment may require several hours. The good news is that after completing any section, you can save your work and return to finish the self-assessment at any time.

Would You Like to Participate?

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